How Fairies Get There!

Illustration:  The Fairies' Balloon.  A Year With the Fairies.  Written by Anna M. Scott.  Illustrations by M. T. (Penny) Ross.  P. F. Volland & Co.: Chicago, U.S.A. 1914.

The Fairies’ Balloon

The feathery ball of the dandelion gay

Is a silver and white balloon,

It wafts the Fairies clear up to the sky

And they visit the stars and the moon.


Sometimes they ride for a night and a day

And sail o’er the billowy main,

And then over mountains and valleys

To their mystical castles in Spain.


A Year With the Fairies.

Written by Anna M. Scott.

Illustrations by M. T. (Penny) Ross.

P. F. Volland & Co.: Chicago, U.S.A. 1914.

20 thoughts on “How Fairies Get There!

  1. Hmmmm……my cynical, urban brain wonders… would the pharma companies use this in allergy season? 😀

    Elephant, these images are a treasure trove! May I call you lucky for owning them? I grew up reading some of these books you’ve posted about and their illustrations are what set my mind free to imagine in a time and place where I never felt free. Remember Bre Rabbit?

    Your site is like a cup of free-the-mind java! 😀 <=real grin

    1. Thank you! Such a kind soul (on earth) you are!

      First, maybe they can show people who sneeze – with claims that the sneeze propels the fairy’s balloon too fast! Nobody will want to endanger fairies with their micro burst sneezes. Use medication immediately!

      Second, I do know Bre Rabbit, but do not own any of these stories (sorry).

      Thanks again – very nice!

      1. Love the ad idea – achoo! Dandelions will never be the same again. 😉
        Keep ’em coming, my HMS (haathi mere saathi).
        I have just one book of Brer Rabbit – such a wily fella that one.

          1. Fine print: No fairies were harmed in the making of this commercial. Professional fairy shown: Do not attempt riding Dandelion at home.
            ♡☚ 😀 My dear HMS, so are you!

  2. Now I know. Where fairies come from, I mean. I will feel bad about mowing down dandelions in the spring if I think of this image – because I am depriving fairies of their transport. I knew there was a reason I have always thought dandelions attractive!

    1. Yes, you can learn a great deal from children’s books! Perhaps it is a lesson guiding us toward the development of a new mass transit system. Let’s raise some capital and make billions! I can even chip in a few dandelions I already own.


  3. I once had a thought how fairies came into existence when I was walking through the woods. I came to something that looked like it was floating in space. At first I was perplexed, then when I turned and could see it in a little bit different light I could see that it was a bit of a leaf being suspended by a spider web. I thought to myself if I was walking through these same woods let’s say 2 to 3 hundred years ago I might not stop to examine what I saw, but would moved away quickly believing it to be a fairy. What do you think?

    1. I think if you felt the fairy magic it was likely there. I’m not sure how people two or three hundred years ago looked at things. They might not have just assumed it was a fairy, or they might have “known” more about spiderwebs and what to expect in the forest. I just don’t know.


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