16 thoughts on “Cows And Calves!

  1. I LOVE this one! The color combination is great and I adore cows and calves. I keep trying to convince my husband that rescuing a boy calf and training it to let me ride him and plow the field would be a great idea. 🙂

    1. Well, perhaps if you show him the post he will be caught up in the magic of Cows and Calves. You can reassure your husband that if things don’t work out with the bull you can trade it for some magic beans!

      I think you want an ox.

      Glad you liked this post – I love the bold colors and her skill.


        1. I never thought about it. I think of oxen as those kind of pale big beasts – usually in pairs. But I guess I thought they were a breed of cattle that color and grew big. A castrated baby boy calf – simple and it makes sense, but I never realized my ignorance until today. My grandfather had oxen and farmed with them after everything went to hell in the 1930’s. My father hated working with the oxen. He thought they were dumb stubborn beasts, but I think it was more the farming and the poverty my dad didn’t like.


          1. I didn’t realize it either until a few years ago when I saw two poor sick male calves at an auction(first and last time I ever went). I wondered what could be done with the boys and stumbled upon the oxen thing and also people who ride them like horses (not as fast :)). At least back in the old days they had a use for them. A farmer friend said that this dairy he works for just throws the boys down into some kind of killing pit when they’re born. Life is so fraught with sadness and waste at times.

            1. Animals – it feels so awful at times. Something I hadn’t thought of – I just thought there were more female cows born, hence the rare bulls. I wonder if veal calves are more often guys? Death pits and slaughter bothers more as I get older – I don’t want to die that way and I know they don’t.

              I read something (or maybe I dreamed it it sounds so crazy). There are these highly paid people who look at chicks when they hatch and toss the males aside. It is some major skill because it is hard to tell which sex they are at birth.

              Can’t think about this anymore – getting sad. You have my permission to save a calf and live out your fantasy. Now if you can get your husband behind the plan!


    1. It is beautiful artwork! It would be hard not to like these playful calves. I am glad you liked the post. Thank you for letting me know.

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