16 thoughts on “Creepy Girls And Their Dolls!

            1. I smell a fairy tale plot line! We must use what we know! With all due respect, you have your modern wicked witch! Nice fuel for your stories!
              A silver lining,

  1. I wore little dresses like this when I was a toddler (I am not as old as these little girls, no, no no) and my mother made them for me. I did not wear pantaloons like these girls, though, thank goodness.

    They are a strange little group here. Me and mini-me times two and the facial expression…I am wondering if it is something about the registration of the print that gives the one girl that blood-thirstly look…I hope so.

    1. It may be the quality of the print, but there are a series of illustrations in this book and the girl(s) are repeated with a bit of the creepy about all of them!

      Nice little dresses!

      1. This is very interesting. Do you have other books illustrated by the same person? Because I wonder if the creeepiness is something the illustrator just seems to do as a characteristic of the work…

        1. No, I do not have any other illustrations from this individual (although they are not signed). The style is very specific, but beyond this book I have not see it. I have a little notion that the illustrator, while depicting sweet scenes, does not like children. Just my idea.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog post, Elephant. What a curious, purely visual blog you have here. As I scrolled through, I was immediately plunged back into my childhood as a book junkie, and especially reminded of hours spent lost in the Junior Classics. It was a wonderful sensation. Thank you.

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