My Funny Little House!

Illustration:  Funny Little House.  The Funny Little Book.  Story and Illustrations by Johnny Gruelle.  P. F. Volland Company: New York, Chicago and Toronto. 1918.

“Yes, this is my funny little house, funny little man!” said the funny little lady. “Will you come into my funny little house and have a funny little cup of tea, funny little man?”


The Funny Little Book.

Story and Illustrations by Johnny Gruelle.

P. F. Volland Company: New York, Chicago and Toronto. 1918.


26 thoughts on “My Funny Little House!

    1. I love the illustrations from this book! The world does not totally support our opinion – oh well! The hedge up the walk looks bordered with ice cream cones! What is not to love here? The lawn is BLACK! Everyone is a wooden toy. The text is so “funny” it gives the reader a headache!

      We can like this wonderful book together!

  1. I’d like a funny cup of tea! What did you mean by your nudge of the truck, Elephant, because I reread my post and didn’t figure it out.

      1. I wondered and wondered and then asked my hubby, and he couldn’t figure it out either. In case you thought I didn’t care enough to think it over. 🙂 Ah, well. Whew! These awards are a lot of work!!

        1. Sometimes I do too many things at one time and none of them comes out just right.
          Sorry about that!

          PS I can’t imagine how you keep up with all the award stuff. It is always nice to receive them and I like highlighting other people’s blogs, but the rest of it is too much for this elephant!

          1. I’ve had to stop following the rules mostly, and now I don’t do new award postings more than once a week. I start a draft and drop in new awards as I get them with links to save time later. Celebration Symphony had 11 awards given to me!! If I had followed the rules I would have had to name over 120 other sites. That would have taken forever!! But to not thank and mention the givers doesn’t seem right either. People seem to really like the award postings. 🙂 I may have to do a swan song and put up a no more awards button. The traffic at my site is overwhelming me.

            1. For Brenda Only,
              Otherwise I will sound like a vain nit wit! The last time we chatted about your big haul of awards and now again today – both times right after I posted my comment to you – I got another award!

              I am very grateful – I really appreciate it, but . . . Do you think people nominate me because they think I’m a sad case with no awards? If so, it is even nicer of them to think of me! I want to do something, but I feel I should not accept the awards because I am not going to post the logos or follow the rules very well.

              Must solve this problem! Thinking involved – maybe later!
              Hi Ho,

              1. Some people just post a thank you to the person gifting the award to them, and put in there that they don’t follow the rules… But you don’t have to do anything, Elephant, it’s optional, is my point of view.

                1. Brenda!
                  It is a few hours later and I got ANOTHER award. Really, I must think up a polite and nice way to thank people and maybe in a very respectful way get them to STOP! I really love being remembered, but I don’t want to do all this award stuff! Nice, nice, but . . .

                  I hope I don’t go to Blogger’s Hell, but I don’t want to be disrespectful – how would you feel if you started to ignore the awards people give you. Tell me when you do and let’s compare notes!


                  1. I think the people who put something on the site that says, award free blog, or similar, are the most fair. With your artistic talent you could come up with a great no-award icon. (You might even find it borrowed…) That way if you ignore awards, you’ve given fair warning. Besides, lots of people ignore awards. Don’t worry about it. They are not meant to inspire guilt. They help you find an audience and give you a way to tell other bloggers you appreciate them. If you don’t want/need the attention, just say so. Or thank them on their award post and respectfully decline. 🙂

                    1. Well, there you go. I remember you were very kind when I nominated you, and you let me know you didn’t want to do award postings, so I didn’t nominate you again. It all works out. 🙂

    1. There is a candy cane side to the foliage, but black grass straightens the viewer out! I like everything including the trees!
      Thanks and stay funny,

    1. Thanks for the thanks on this. I don’t even know how I found him in the first place. I’m glad the re-blog worked – it seemed a “waste” that so few people had a chance to see and enjoy his work!


    1. I’m glad you like them – I like them too, but I think I’ve told you other people don’t seem as taken with them as we are. I am amazed because they are so entertaining and the details are so clever.

      WP can be capricious!

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