12 thoughts on “Watchful Baby and Smoldering Boy!

  1. You had me really confused with this image and the date of copyright – as a photomontage/collage I thought the date was very early so I had to go and do a quick bit of research and early examples did exist mid-victorian period around 1857. I was under the impression that turn of the century were some of the earliest examples and I wouldn’t have been expecting an example to pop up in a children’s book. Quite a remarkable image. Thanks for making me go and take a second look.

    1. Well, I too thought this was (and is) a very strange early image. The copyright date is under the photo (outside the edge of my posted image). Not that you can always count on what is printed in a book (books from this era kind of freely reprinted things and publishers played fast and loose with images).

      I will not try to slip anything past you! You went right in there and looked around to see if I was messing about. I try very hard to present things correctly, but you can’t be sure of everything back then – they were sort of sloppy.

      It is a weird photo – it would be nice to find a photo wizard/historian who could fill us in about what we should know about this photo. Interesting that people way back then were fiddling around with photos.

      Thanks for keeping me honest!

    1. Well done for the time, they must have cut up the negative and pieced it together?? I’m not sure?? It gives a very interesting effect, but it is a bit sad for a kids book.

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