6 thoughts on “The Funny Little Girl!

  1. She looks like my kids’ lego figures except for the lacy drawers. 1918 sure pre-dates legos, though. The fish and birds are lego-like, too! How fascinating. I wonder if the lego designers read this book when they were kids. 🙂

    1. They are nice wooden toy shapes. I love the illustrations in this book, but I didn’t think others liked them as much as I do, but today “The Funny Little Girl” had a few fans! Unfortunately, the text is really silly to the point of being annoying – oh well, the illustrations are a delight!

      I liked your 3 LIttle Pigs “modern” fairy tale – you put so many details into it and no eating the wolf!!!!!

      1. Glad you liked it. I had fun with it. In the end, the wolf didn’t prosper, but I decided it wasn’t friendly to eat a human, even if he is a shapeshifter. I left in the suspense about whether they would eat him.

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