Ate The Little Pig Up!

Illustration:  Wolf Eats Little Pig.  The Story of The Three Little Pigs.  McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1900.

So he huffed, and he puffed, and he puffed, and he huffed, and at last he blew the house down and then ate up the little pig.

The Story of The Three Little Pigs.

McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1900.


10 thoughts on “Ate The Little Pig Up!

    1. Maybe this is your dog. She could be dressing up behind your back – makeup and all the things you won’t let her wear. It’s a possibility worth thinking over. PLEASE stop eating pork! You will be very happy with the decision.
      Keep an eye on your dog,

        1. You asked and I will tell you – but I don’t want to argue meat eating with people (not you – but I don’t want to hear someone chime in about being a carnivore – I’ve heard it all before) My reason is that the animal business makes me sick. The way animals are kept, penned, fed, bred, and slaughtered is horrible. You only have to hear the screaming to know it is all wrong. The animals are sickened by living that way, filled with drugs and horrible feed – all that is what makes up the “healthy” meat people love to eat. Watch a few videos and you will never want to eat meat again. There are loads of alternatives, you don’t miss it the way you imagine you will, and you don’t have to think with every bite of meat of the cruelty and misery your food caused the animals. If you have the courage to watch the videos, you will see how unhealthy the animals are – there is no need to wonder if the meat is unhealthy; common sense tells you a sick, ailing, filthy, miserable creature “living” on the edge is not going to be a healthful food source.

          I don’t eat meat – but I am FAR from perfect – I only gently present the possibility to other people – I don’t push – people come to when they do – I eat fish and I’m guessing that is really wrong too, but I haven’t gotten there yet. It isn’t hard to drop meat – it would be hard to eat it again. I love animals.

          1. Thank you for sharing. I reading diet for a new america in the early nineties and becoming a vegetarian—I didn’t care about the health part, just the animals. I was a vegetarian for a long time until I developed a condition that brought me close to death and felt I needed to gain strength from meat.

            I mostly still eat vegetarian and but sometimes still get tempted by pork (though the cruelty is truly disgusting). Once when visiting Nicaragua the family we stayed with thought it would be nice to show us how they slaughtered the pig we would eat for dinner! It was horrifying, yet in comparison to the feedlots and gross conditions in agribusiness the people were saintly.

            My husband and I bought this piece of land with the intention of raising animals humanely and if anything, it’s made me more certain that a near vegetarian lifestyle is for the best. The sad thing is that most people can’t afford to eat organically or cruelty free and many are too addicted to the crap our government subsidizes—don’t even get me started. I feel lately that America is lost.

            How’s that for a rant? haha. Thanks again as your answer comes at the perfect time since my husband and I are starting a vegetarian diet tomorrow! (Once you hang out with chickens you have a hard time killing them 🙂

            1. I could not be happier. I didn’t mention the chicken issue – what gets sadder and more bedraggled than a chicken in tight captivity. It is AWFUL to see a very few feathered chickens stuck in a cage in which they can’t turn around – or with a big free range space – in which a chicken can just barely turn around!! It makes me sick. I got the chicken thing a few years ago with urban chickens (sounds so silly – but you can learn from the silly). Now I see chickens in an entirely different way. Chickens grow big and beautiful if they have a bit of pecking space.

              Pork and cancer – you were flying as low as I was! I am so happy about your comment- sometimes I think this is all a silly blog world, but you know far better than I do about animals and there you are (again)! Sorry about your being sick – I did used to have trouble getting enough protein – but it is possible now with so many choices. I am really happy you told me your plan – I told you I wasn’t worried about your rant, but I am tired of the old meat eating world’s dumb stuff.

              As for the balance of your comment – I don’t blame the busy and short on cash – they try (as I’m sure you will agree). But for the balance – a big YES!

              PS Since I don’t think anyone cares about my post anymore and won’t notice – can you tell me why over 100 people from Norway have suddenly today looked at my blog? I am having my highest look day ever, but why? There is nothing Norway’ish about today’s posts (2 Three Little Pigs images). Just asking you because it came up and because I can never figure WP out – I like my own posts but this is not my best day ever (well, it is – but it isn’t).

    1. Yes! And it happens again! I know the story is new to you, and I don’t want to be a spoiler, but in the end the last little pig eats the wolf! A dear little pig eating a big hairy nasty wolf!!! Too much for your tender soul!

    1. I wonder why they were this bold then and are not bold now. I wonder why it was okay to eat the pig and for the pig to eat the wolf back then, but now it isn’t even possible to ask the pig politely to move out of his un-permitted house of straw. Selling society!

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