11 thoughts on “Celebrate With The Sane!

  1. Oops, thought this was connected to the preceding picture, so this was the one with the poor kitty-cat. Lots of articles about how to take care of your pet while teenagers everywhere around are setting off firecrackers.

    1. People have been setting off fireworks in my neighborhood for a week or more – I think all the animals around and about are less frightened (a great deal less barking) than they were when it started. I feel terrible for the pets driven mad by fireworks!

        1. Well, I think your daughter is having a natural reaction to loud unexpected noises – she has good sense. But it is difficult for people (especially kids) because other people love to make crazy noises! There is a test they give to determine what kind of person you are – a crazy mental test – but I forget the name of it – there is a “type of person” who is sensitive to noise. It has something to do with the best environment for you to work in. I HATE too much noise – so I am with your daughter on this and we are “that kind of people” who like things peaceful!
          Thankfully, tomorrow will be a quiet day (we hope),

  2. I hope the people who have been shooting off the big stuff are done for the night as it is 12:05 am.

    1. I agree it went on and on . . . fireworks at 1am – and there are always a few people who keep it up throughout the weekend – boom, boom boom!

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