7 thoughts on “Strange Stars & Long Stripes

    1. Yes and Yes! This flag really strikes me – but it may not seem interesting to other people – everything, except the stripes is wrong – yet it reads U.S. flag. It would be hard to wave this flag it is so longggggg!
      Thanks for looking around,

      1. Well the uniform looks vaguely civil war era (northern bluecoat), but the flag has 13 stripes and 14 stars — that’s wrong, there’s one star too many for revolutionary days and the civil war union flag would have had 33 stars. I’m not exactly a US flag historian, though.

        1. Neither am I, but there are a couple of good sites about the flag and its different styles – in my little look around I didn’t find this combo. “His” words say America, but his looks say something else.

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