Please Man!

Illustration:  Straw For A House.  The Story of The Three Little Pigs.  McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1900.

. . . met a man with a bundle of straw, and said to him, “Please man, give me that straw to build me a house;” which the man did, and the little pig built a house with it.

The Story of The Three Little Pigs.

McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1900.

9 thoughts on “Please Man!

  1. This is another favorite story of mine. Love the blue-green of the grass in the background, and also that the man and the pig both have on striped pants. I only wish things were going to turn out better for this little pig – when this story was read to me as a child (over and over) I always wanted to warn the pigs not to do things the same old way…

    1. You are not alone in liking this story, I have found so many versions of the story I could probably have a blog just for the three little pigs. It is sad they are “punished” for their supposed lack of foresight and laziness. It is a very heavy handed morality tale. They don’t seem like bad little guys – unfortunate they had to die to teach us it is imperative we live a busy cautious life.

      1. The versions I know all end with a badly injured wolf and three pigs living together is a brick house. So they don’t have to die. But I would go a step further and say that the tale reminds me very much of the current situation, where you have to work every waking minute to built a house made of bricks/stone, because some big wolf is out there lurking. And I can’t keep myself from thinking that it is the same wolf that sells you the bricks and stone…

          1. I agree that house building and keeping and all is rather dark sometimes in today’s world.

            I like the idea that everyone lived in this story, but in my 100 year old versions of this story – warning and alert to the easily disturbed – read no further – the straw-house and wood-house pigs get eaten by the wolf and the brick-house pig EATS THE WOLF! I can hear the groaning – it is repulsive – a pig eats a wolf – I don’t even know where that falls in the eat and be eaten hierarchy, but that is the rough tough world of then vs. the nice let’s all live together and have your enemy limp off world of today. A perfect example of how a story changes to suit the standards of the times.


            1. I didn’t know the original story ended so gruesomely but that actually seems quite satisfying. My father tells us of a very scary story that was common in his childhood where the dog is eaten limb by limb. I can’t remember the name of the story but it may be something like the Tailypo stories. You may enjoy the illustrations from this favourite book of mine

              1. It is a nice book! And what a nice woman – to leave her money to the kids. Nice, nice, nice! Thank you for telling me – I will be on the lookout for a copy.

        1. I hope you got the reply I sent. Thank you for your interesting comment about the difference between children’s stories now and then. That comment goes to the heart of what my blog is about.

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