The Little Pig Rock’d The Cradle!

Illustration: Sow With A Saddle.  Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes.  McLoughlin Brothers: New York. Ca 1900.

“The Sow With The Saddle.”

The sow came in with the saddle,

The little pig rock’d the cradle,

The dish jump’d up on the table,

To see the pot swallow the ladle.

The spit that stood behind the door

Threw the pudding-stick on the floor.

Odsplut! Said the gridiron,

Can’t you agree?

I’m the constable,

Bring them to me.


Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes.

McLoughlin Brothers: New York. Ca 1900.


7 thoughts on “The Little Pig Rock’d The Cradle!

          1. And “puddin’ stick” is a mountain term for instigator, often referring, to a mischief who deliberately brings up a very touchy controversy (like evolution and politics), then steps back to watch, grinning like a satisfied troublemaker who successfully “stirred the pudding.”

            I went back to look it up since what I assumed it was it wasn’t which is often the case..I never heard of “odsplut” and even spell check doesn’t recognize it. It has a nice ring to it though…maybe I’ll use it
            Odsplut, Marg

            1. I looked “odsplut” up in an old dictionary, and it had a sensible definition (which I have conveniently forgotten at this moment). Just looked on the internet – lots of crazy definitions. When I find my misplaced old dictionary – I’ll get back to you! Then we can odsplut about the word, or we can bring it up during the next puddin’ stick incident.

              Thank you for the “puddin’ stick” info – interesting! I really like this illustration and the detailed dancing kitchen items!

              1. I know that I use a lot of color in my collages but all my drawings pretty much are black and white. I love this illustration, all the movement and lack of color, The big pig looks like I feel today, it snowed, it’s cold and it’s May!

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