16 thoughts on “What Are You Doing?

    1. No, not Sleeping Beauty, but just at this moment I have forgotten what story it is from. There is a total blank space in my head where that information should be – I’ll look it up!

    1. SHE is spinning flax (see the cotton candy on a stake) with a drop spindle (the little stick with the round disk on it). I really liked your post last night – great colors etc. . . . still thinking about it!

  1. Is she making yarn from wool? It looks like a process I’ve seen when people make their own yarn. Is that a woodcut? Wow, the detail is amazing. I want that window for my house!

    1. She is spinning flax (linen) with a drop spindle – yes, she is making yarn, but not from wool. I too would like to have the window in my house!

    1. Now I have been officially nominated! How nice of you to think of me for the One Lovely Blog Award – you are too kind! I really think you deserve this award as you are a great blogger – interesting well written posts and a very thoughtful follower. Lucky to have had your attention.
      Thank you again,

      1. Your visual strengths make following you a joy. I enjoy your old-fashioned illustrations and attention to detail. Your blog is a unique, safe and educational place I feel happy having my kids visit with me — this is something I care about. They like your pictures, too. 🙂
        Warmly, Brenda

        1. Oh my, how very sweet of you to tell me about your children. I am not sure that my posts are always ideal for kids – One of the reasons I am interested in old images is that I am interested in the “old way” of thinking (which obviously molded the minds of the time) – just as today’s images and text are molding minds right now! So while I am entirely a PG kind of person, I am not sure the past is so friendly – I find the books in my collection shocking sometimes (racism, sexism, meanism to kids and animals etc.). I can’t clean that up because it is a sort of a cornerstone of being honest about what I present.

          I am sure you are on the job regarding what your kids follow – likely your kids are much tougher and smarter than we are, but I don’t want anyone to rely on me to filter my content – I just present images and text from books published long ago, and the edge that the text and images have is part our present reality. You understand!

          PS How nice to know your kids likes my images – wow, that is really something to think about!

          1. I’m always with them when we visit. We watch old movies, too, black and white and even silent (not a success). We talk over how the world has changed. My perspective is that you have to talk about things openly or they become taboo.

            1. Oh my, I agree completely about the talking about everything or the icky old taboos settle in, but this is a personal decision.

              I am with your children on the silent film question – I hate silent films. I know that I should like them and that other people like them, but when I attempt to watch a silent film I go crazy and what OUT!

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