First Aid For A Swoon!

Illustration: From the story "The Sleeping Beauty"  MOTHER FAIRY-TALES.  Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1908.

The Swoon

. . . the spindle immediately ran into her hand, and she directly fell down upon the ground in a swoon. Thereupon the old woman cried out for help, and people came in from every quarter in great numbers: some threw water upon the princess’s face, unlaced her, struck her on the palm of her hands, and rubbed her temples with Hungary water; but all they could do did not bring her to herself.


Illustration: From the story "The Sleeping Beauty"  MOTHER FAIRY-TALES.  Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1908.

From the story “The Sleeping Beauty”


Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1908.


15 thoughts on “First Aid For A Swoon!

    1. Yes! Spicy stuff for a fairy tale! I do think you can rely on this advice even today, go ahead and unlace strangers in a swoon and let me know how it works out!

      1. You weren’t lazy, you left a tantalizing question and let a commenter participate, you generous person, you! And thanks for visiting my site and liking my fairy tales. It always gives me a buzz!

        1. Your fairy tales are very good! It takes a very creative mind to write a fairy tale that “works.” Seems as if it would be easy to write anything and call it a fairy tale – but it is just the opposite. Fairy tales are a very special form of writing and not so simple! You are very talented!
          Thank you for your kind words and for your lovely writing!

  1. Wow… What a gorgeous illustration! Personally, I wouldn’t mind having my temples (or whatever, really!) massaged with Hungary Water. It’s made with lemon peel, rose petals, chamomile, rosemary, and other good smelling things. And if I had to wear those corsets, then… Yes! Please, unlace me if I should fall into a swoon. I could do without the palm slapping, though.

  2. Reblogged this on Wabi Slobby and commented:
    A beautiful illustration of Charles Perrault’s version of the Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale, La Belle au Bois Dormant, when Beauty / Aurora / whatever her name was falls into a swoon from pricking her finger on a spindle. A spindle, by the way, is a device used for spinning fiber into thread. It is shaped like a long spike, often with a portion that looks much like an old-fashioned wooden spinning toy top. None of the ones that I have seen has been particularly sharp. Certainly not sharp enough to draw blood. Unless, I guess, you really stabbed at yourself with it. But maybe they were made differently back then, or its a type I’ve never seen.

    I suppose that, if I can suspend my disbelief to accommodate fairies, curses, 100 years of sleep, thorny woods that cover over a castle in a few minutes, and finding a prince worth a damn, I can allow for a particularly sharp spindle.

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