The Poor Dog Was Dead!

Illustration:  The Poor Dog Was Dead.  Mother Hubbard.  Walter Crane.

She went to the baker’s

To buy him some bread,

But when she came back,

The poor Dog was dead.

She went to the joiner’s

To buy him a coffin,

But when she came back,

The poor Dog was laughing.

Mother Hubbard.

9 thoughts on “The Poor Dog Was Dead!

  1. One of my favorite records from childhood is Mother Goose read by Cyril Ritchard, Celeste Holm and Boris Karloff. Ritchard reads Mother Hubbard. You may recall Cyril Ritchard as Captain Hook opposite Mary Martin’s Peter Pan! Anytime I read Mother Goose, I hear one of those 3 reading it.

    1. The dog drives her crazy with his this’s and thats! I have a few more images to go – it gets happy then just a tiny bit sad! Someday (you know, that day off in the future) I hope to put all the images together!

    1. Dear Terri,

      I’m not sure if the book is at your parent’s house, but it is beautiful and worth going on a little Easter book hunt to find it! I like to come across books I had as a kid – especially if I have forgotten them – recovering nice memories! I hope you find your Mother Hubbard.

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