Giants Eat Little Boys & Girls!

Illustration:  Jack At The Table With Two Giants.  Jack The Giant Killer.  W. B. Conkey Company: New York. 1898.


Many years ago, in the wonderful time when King Arthur ruled over England, there lived in Cornwall a number of giants, who never did any work, but stole sheep and cattle from the people in the country round. Some of them even ate little boys and girls when they wanted a specially good supper.

Jack The Giant Killer

W. B. Conkey Company: New York. 1898.

4 thoughts on “Giants Eat Little Boys & Girls!

  1. I wonder where sardines in a tin could be found in King Arthur’s time? Or, maybe the book had been updated into contemporary times? The latter thought is intriguing and it makes me want to search the records for giant-sightings…! Love the stippling used in this illustration. It’s really a quite civilized picture given the subject.

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