The Careless Bear Barber!

Illustration:  "The Careless Barber."  Animal Antics  By Louis Wain.  S. W. Partridge & Co: London. Ca 1900-1910.

“The Careless Barber.”

“I’ll have it short upon the top,” cried little Master Bear,

“But please leave the curly bits and cut the rest with care.”

“I will,” replied the Barber, “for I hardly need say,

My customers are treated in a very careful way.”

But even while he spoke the words, the scissors moved an inch,

And gave the ear of Master Bear a very painful pinch.

His father heard the cry of woe, and turned, his fears to hush,

When down his throat that careless boy let slip the soapy brush.

Animal Antics

By Louis Wain.

S. W. Partridge & Co: London. Ca 1900-1910.

6 thoughts on “The Careless Bear Barber!

    1. I like the sign too! I don’t think this is my most popular post – but I love the chaos of it, and really – who doesn’t love someone else’s bad barber.

      1. Yes, there is something about the cross-hatching and its diagonal nature that really gives the impression that things are out of control, and fits in with the words.

  1. I absolutely love this, from the image to the tale, just great, thanks for finding and sharing. Interesting that all the bears, even though they are being very civilised (human) wearing clothes and holding down jobs their jaws still gape and display those teeth!

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