The Other Child Was Gone!

Illustration from Valentine and Orson from Three Bears

” . . . a great she-bear came up, and carried off one child unto her distant lair.”

And as she fled, weighed down by grief and sense of cruel scorn,

Lo, in the forest two fair sons to Bellisant were born;

But while her servant went to buy some food, a great she-bear

Came up, and carried off one child unto her distant lair.

Poor Bellisant ran after her, with many a sigh and moan;

In vain, – and when she turned again, the other child was gone!


The Three Bear’s Picture Book

Illustrated by Walter Crane.

George Routledge and Sons:  London & New York.  CA 1899.

4 thoughts on “The Other Child Was Gone!

    1. Thank you James.

      I am so glad you commented on the coloring – it is very difficult to know what will look right given so many viewing possibilities and screens. If you ever have any additional feedback for me on how an image looks, I would be grateful – too yellow, too dark, too light . . . Just if it strikes you and you have a moment. I’d like to improve the appearance of the images – I work hard with Photoshop, but I am no expert.

      I feel very pleased to know it looked good and happy you let me know – you wouldn’t believe how the image started out.


      PS This image is one of my favorites – it just gets me – with the giant she-bear and the tiny twins!

        1. Dear James,

          I agree with you the transformation of an old illustration “back” to the vibrant image it likely was is interesting – I will give it a try – but for right now I am muddling through learning about the possibilities and limitations of It seems a very constricted setup, but then I know so little I am a poor judge. Thank you for your encouragement it means a great deal to me.


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