The Poor Dog Had None!

Illustration by Walter Crane: Old Mother Hubbard and her Dog
Mother Hubbard
Walter Crane’s Picture Books
John Lane
The Bodley Head: London & New York. 1897.

Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the cupboard

To get her poor Dog a bone;

But when she came there

The cupboard was bare,

And so the poor Dog had none.


16 thoughts on “The Poor Dog Had None!

    1. Dear Reading With Rhythm,

      Thank you. “Tidbits” is a good word for them. I’m glad you enjoyed the illustrations – thanks for your very kind comments.

    1. Thank you for your interest Sydney. I began my blog the first of this year, and my daily posts are still just lined up by date. Eventually, I plan to organize the illustrations by topic, title and illustrator on a home page. Do you think that would be a useful structure?

      I am very interested in what you are doing, and look forward to following you!


      1. Yes, dear HMS, it certainly would. An archive feature and tags would make navigation a breeze.

        Don’t worry…..I have persevered and am making my way through your posts one day at a time. I write down the title of the post where I stopped and then do a google search the next time to lead me there and then, click “Newer post” to continue. Your blog is truly worth the effort – this is not flattery because I simply wouldn’t bother to do the work otherwise! I follow only 4 blogs (yours, Killkaties and 2 family members) – don’t know any other way of actually ‘following’! 😀

        1. OR – as I just found out….go to the new page (My activities) and start from the last one…..duh to self!

        2. I LOVE YOU! Are you crazy? I said it before, you are a sweet soul. My blog is entirely a mess, but I hope to get through my one year commitment before everything comes unglued. Your searching has had an impact on my daily totals. I figured out you were going through everything already – what a trooper! I can only say thank you for such devotion. Are you misguided? So nice to have everything looked at – I worked hard to clean up all these old illustrations.

          My blog began because I was a bit home bound – a sad thing for me but nothing special for the rest of the world. My bond to the house is now at an end (don’t worry I wasn’t under house arrest). I am ready for other (well, maybe additional) things, but I really enjoy the images and such special joys as your making your way through all my posts.

          I am a Killkaties fan too! How could you not be?

          My best to you sweet trooper,

  1. Hello, Elephant, I see that we share the same enthusiasm for “classic art” and cartoons! I am wondering, do you have some old books that you get these from? Nice to be connected 🙂

    1. I have neither a home nor an archive button! I know that is terrible. I don’t know how to put them at the bottom of the page so that the images don’t get smaller (as they do when the buttons are along the side). So I just left them out. The only way to move around is forward and backward through the posts – not very convenient.

      I need to do something about this. Sorry it is annoying.

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