He kills melancholy, Charlie’s a popular Coon!

Illustration: Charlie the Coon from Peter Piper's Peep Show.  Illustrated by Lewis Baumer and Harry B. Neilson.
“Charlie the Coon”
Peter Piper’s Peep Show
By: S. H. Hamer.
Illustrations By: Lewis Baumer and Harry B. Neilson.
Cassell and Company Limited: London, Paris, New York, Melbourne. 1906.

Oh, all of us like young Charlie –

Charlie, the smart young Coon:

For he’s fresh and he’s jolly,

He kills melancholy,

Charlie’s a popular Coon.


13 thoughts on “He kills melancholy, Charlie’s a popular Coon!

    1. Oh that it was my work! Everything is from my collection of illustrated books. If you look under the image and text I give the source of each piece, and I usually give the name of the illustrator.

  1. To collect and love them you must be an artist at heart if not in spirit. These are wonderful. I love Edward Gorey, do you have any of his works?

  2. Very nice illustration. I remember this book from when I was in Grammar School. Our library had a display of some illustrated books and as I recall this was in one of them.

    1. This post has gotten so much attention, but no post so much attention as the polar bears! How may I ask did you come to find these? Just curious how people end up places. I am happy that you have a nice memory (of home)!

  3. “Coon” is not allowable in this city’s PC vocabulary, no matter the intention, but I thoroughly enjoyed the poem and pic.

    1. Get over your “coon” phobia – not everyone speaks your language – and many people know about your narrow world – let’s just expand! Thanks for the vote!

    2. Well, you have to look back 100 + years for the context – the world then was VERY un-PC by our standards – as our world today will likely be to people 100 years from now.

      At least this illustration of a coon contained a raccoon! I have several pictures and text coming up that are very un-PC and shocking (for me disturbing and thought provoking).

      Thank you for you input and insight.

      1. Just as I read that, they are showing people in Appalachia eating baked raccoon and possum on the Travel Channel. By comparison, Charlie is a dapper and a fortunate coon.

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