Poor Beast Shall Die Of Grief!

Illustration: Beauty and the Beast from the book Once Upon a Time
“Your Poor Beast Shall Die of Grief.”
Beauty And The Beast
Once Upon a Time – A Book of Old-Time Fairy Tales.
Edited, With Introduction by Katharine Lee Bates.
Illustrated by Margaret Evans Price.
Rand McNally & Company: Chicago and New York. 1921.

“I would rather die myself, dear Beauty,” replied the Beast, “than to make you unhappy. You may go to your father, and your poor Beast shall die of grief.”

5 thoughts on “Poor Beast Shall Die Of Grief!

  1. Said Beauty to the Beast: My! What big feet you have!
    Said I to HMS: My! Your blog is a great feat.

    [Still working my way through your posts…..it’s like turning back time]

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