Gruel is “The Best Cure” for a Cough!

Illustration:  "The Best Cure" from Animal Antics
“The Best Cure”
Animal Antics. Louis Wain. Illustration by T. Crumwell Lawrence. S.W. Partridge & Co.: London. Ca 1906-1910

The weather’s so severe, that it’s affected me just here,”

Said Mr. Jimbo, pointing to his chest;

“But though my cough is cruel, I’ll cure it with some gruel,

For of all the cures I’m sure it is the best.”

2 thoughts on “Gruel is “The Best Cure” for a Cough!

    1. Bingo! Gruel that always something awful – could be thin soup – could be thinned out oatmeal – it could be any awful watery food! If life is bad or you are feeling low you may have to eat gruel! I don’t think anyone every wants to eat gruel – gruel happens when life is dark!

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